Things for Little People: Top Ten Handmade Gifts for Babies and Little Children Available Online

It was my littlest nephew Benjy’s first birthday party on Sunday; an undeniably momentous event, so naturally I gave his presents a lot of thought and consideration. Of course Benjy doesn't have the most sophisticated tastes, but for the big 1, I thought it would be nice to give him something a bit special. When it comes to 'special' presents for tiny tots, these will usually be about 50% for the mummy, maybe 40% for posterity, and then only 10% for the baby – but then the chances are that whatever you buy, the most exciting bit for baby will be the wrapping paper.

Unless of course you buy him this £6 squashy Ikea pig:

In the end I decided I would paint something for Benjy’s new bedroom. I wanted him to have something really colourful and pretty, and of course elephants were a must, so this is what I came up with:

To see more of my original handmade nursery art visit my Folksy shop - Lucy's Little Arts and Crafts

I personally find it really sad that so much of what is made for little boys so often comes in dull and dreary colours – especially clothes! I don't think I ever met a 0-5 year-old, male or female, who actually preferred to have everything in grey and blue. Little boys love bright colours too, even pink! But anywho, I digress.

While looking online for present ideas I came across so many lovely handmade gifts for babies and children that I thought I would share my findings in a blog post. Here are my top ten handmade gift ideas, for boys and girls - perfect for baby showers, christenings and birthdays!

1. Creatures and Cream

Creatures and Cream's gorgeous handmade toys are just too cute, weird and funny for words. Never mind Benjy, I want one of these for myself! They also are very reasonably priced for handmade items at around £30-£40 each.

You can find Creatures and Cream on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram

2. Ella and Boo

Ella and Boo makes beautiful handmade baby mobiles. One of the things I was particularly on the look out for was something decorative to brighten up Benjy's new bedroom. Nursery decor is a great thing to go for when you're buying for a very little person. I think the sleepy owls would have been an excellent present for when Benjy was a new born! Ella and Boo's baby mobiles are mostly around the £50-60 price mark.

Youn can find Ella and Boo on Folksy, Etsy and Facebook

3. Blaebird

And for all those trendy hipster babies out there, there is Blaebird; maker of teeny harem pants and tiny turbans. Blaebird's handmade baby clothes are lovely and original, but also very affordable, with items around the £10 mark. And the great thing about harem pants on a baby is there's all that extra room around the crotch for bulgy nappies! I wish I could put Benjy in a turban.

You can find Blaebird on Facebook and Etsy

4. Word Hearts

These little handmade hearts are such a great idea for baby shower, chritianing or birthday gifts. You can personalise the message and chose the fabric. Very sweet and simple, and inexpensive at under £10 a heart. These make a lovely little momento. Plus they are filled with lavender, and who doesn’t like lavender!

You can find Word Hearts on Folksy and Etsy

5. Little Corner at THE BRODERIÉ

The Broderie’s handmade dolls are just so sweet and full of quirky little details. Perhaps not the thing for Benjy, but an older child would be sure to love one of these. They’re a bit more expensive at about £65 + but that’s understandable considering the work that must go into making them.

You can find The Broderie's Little Corner items on their Website and on Etsy

6. Love Lottie Knits

Love Lottie Knits makes lots of lovely knitted things. Her knitted creatures are adorable, but my particular favourites are the colourful handmade baby blankets, which are priced around £30-40 each. These would make a lovely present for a new-born.

You can find Love Lottie Knits on Folksy and on Facebook

7. Kate’s Creative Outlet

Kate is my go to person for all things crocheted. I have commissioed a knitted Thomas the Tank Engine, three pairs of baby booties, a crocheted Yoshi toy, a crocheted Mario toy, two crocheted Zombies and a pair of matching owl hats. There is nothing (probably) that Kate can’t make with some wool, and her items are very reasonably priced at around £10-30.

You can find Kate's Creative Outlet through her website and on Facebook

8. Merrybell Decor

These handmade fabric name banners make a lovely ageless gift for brightening up a child’s bedroom. Merrybell Decor use really pretty colours and fabrics. I like them lots. Her banners are mostly around the £40-50 mark.

You can find Merrybell Decor on Etsy

9. Rosie Girl London

Rosie Girl’s Beautiful handmade ragdolls are so fun, creative, and full of character. They are also really cheap for handmade items at just over £20 each. If only my sister had a little girl!

You can find Rosie Girl London on Etsy and Instgram

10. Jimjam Designs

Jimjam Designs make all sorts of lovely things but I particularly like their hand-sown custom made cards. This is a really nice and cheap way to give something personal and meaningful (for under £10) that can be saved as a memento to be looked back at in later years.

You can find Jimjam Designs on Facebook and Instagram

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