One of the most exciting things I received this Christmas was a box chock-a-block full of free clay and tools from Polyform Products. Not quite sure what I did to deserve this but I’m very flattered that they thought I was worth it! I haven't had an opportunity to test it all out yet (Premo is totally new to me) but I have had a little play around with some of the accent clays to make this beady necklace:

I have no particular expertise in bead making, I mostly just swirl together the colours I like, but I reckon the Premo Accent clays are really great for this sort of work. The colours are really vibrant, the sparkly metallic effects are super shiny and jewel-like, and once varnished they have a really gorgeous enamel-like look to them.

I am yet to discover what Premo will be like to sculpt with, but I’m excited about all the lovely shiny effects I will be able to add! Soon I will be putting together a tutorial for Polyform Products using the Premo clay they sent me and will post it here when I’m done!

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